Here at Mistral Productions we produce the 'Brownswood Basement Sessions', a Youtube series showcasing the best in up-and-coming musicians alongside established performers.

Carefully curated by Gilles Peterson, all performances are recorded, filmed and edited at our studios in North London. We promote the 'Brownswood Basement Sessions' through our extensive social media networks as well as reaching additional audiences through third-party premieres, collaborating with both established and underground music blogs/websites such as USA and Purple.Fr.  

We've also cross-promoted the content produced from the video series, creating an audio podcast hosted by Gilles Peterson, featuring some of the best Brownswood Basement Sessions performances, reaching a further 23,000+ listeners. 

The 'Brownswood Basement Sessions' series is a useful case study to highlight the skills we're able to provide to clients we collaborate with:

  1. Music curation
  2. Access to musicians
  3. Audio production expertise
  4. Video production expertise 
  5. Cross platform promotion and marketing using our social networks
  6. Collaborating with third-party platforms to maximise audience reach

Any questions, feel free to get in touch.