We produce Gilles Peterson’s internationally syndicated radio shows, which broadcast on FM stations across Europe, Australasia and Asia.

The Worldwide Show is two hours of music, featuring tracks sourced from around the world, delicately and uniquely combining heritage gems from the worlds of jazz, soul, hip hop, Latin and African music, with the cutting edge of the electronic avant garde and club culture. The show has been running for nearly two decades and features the now renowned Worldwide Family Mixtape guest mix series.  

We recently began developing the online presence for the show, and the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Show Soundcloud is growing rapidly, with our guest mix archive garnering 75000+ listens per week. 

As well as the regular Worldwide Family Mixtapes, Gilles Peterson Worldwide also premieres music from some of the most exciting producers and labels around. Hosting exclusive track premieres on Soundcloud and Youtube, and promoted across the Gilles Peterson Worldwide networks, we're able to break new tracks to a large audience, often partnering with relevant music blogs and websites to maximise impact.  

If you’re interested in syndicating The Worldwide Shows on your radio station, or are interested in securing a Gilles Peterson Worldwide online premiere, GET IN TOUCH.