London's Pirate Radio - as part of Southbank's Changing Britain Festival

Sunday April 26th, Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room, 2pm-8pm (Free Entrance)

This Sunday, we’re delighted to present an afternoon of talks and music exploring the emergence of London’s pirate radio during the 1980s, examining what impact the DJs and stations had on their communities, and broadcasting in general.

Featured interviews include Gordon Mac, who started Kiss FM, taking the station from a Charlton squat and transforming it into one of London’s biggest legal stations, as well as the authors of ‘Masters of the Airwaves’, Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker. Bringing the discussion up to date, the interviewees will evaluate the lasting legacy of pirate radio, asking whether pirate culture continues to influence today’s music scene, either directly or indirectly.

The day will also feature DJ sets from some of London’s leading selectors, formerly of the now legendary pirate stations LWR, Invicta, Solar and Kiss, playing music from that magical period of musical self-expression and rebellion.

The entire event is free to the public, so join us on Sunday, in celebrating London’s rich pirate radio culture.

The running order of the day will be as follows:
2pm – DJ set from Sarah HB (LWR/Kiss)
3pm – Interview with Dave VJ and Lindsay Wesker, authors of ‘Masters of the Airwaves’, a book about London’s pirate scene of the 1980s.
4pm – Dave VJ DJ set (Invicta/Solar/Kiss/Choice/Mi Soul)
5pm – Interview with Gordon Mac, about taking Kiss FM from Charlton squat-based pirate to one of London’s leading licensed stations.
6pm – Jasper The Vinyl Junkie (LWR/Kiss/Choice/Kane)
Address: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom

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