Recent Video & Audio Work - Live Sessions and Events

In the last few weeks we've had a number of talented musicians come to the Mistral studios to perform live sessions which we filmed and recorded in-house. Last week we had the talented Brooklyn singer/songwriter Gabriel Garzon Montano swing by to perform a couple tracks, with him on keys, vocals and a vintage Roland 707 drum machine!

He was in Europe supporting Lenny Kravitz, and as the performance shows, he's a genuine talent so expect his star to rise in 2015. It was a pleasure having him in. Here's the first of two tracks, 'Everything Is Everything' from his fanstastic debut EP/mini album, Bishoune: Alma del Huila on SUS Records. The second performance will drop in January!

And last month we had Cuban force of nature, Dayme Arocena come through to perform her collaboration with Russian producer, Rumskaya. Her debut album is due in early 2015, and we've heard some early mix downs, and it's an incredible record combining Cuban influences with Jazz and Soul. It's particularly remarkable, as it was written and performed by someone so young! 

Dayme was in London for the Havana Cultura Mix - The Soundclash album launch party, so in case you missed the summary video, here it is!